Body upgrade or what is biohacking

Who doesn’t dream of the 25th hour in a day? Who wouldn’t want to be always “in the mood”? Feel a surge of strength and energy, get up easily in the morning and not fall off your feet in the evening? To have enough energy for all plans and tasks? And the appearance pleased you more and more every day?

In attempts to find such a “miracle cure”, mankind has filled a lot of bumps, but it was this experience that formed the basis of a new biomedical direction – biohacking.

What is biohacking

Biohacking, in fact, is the management of your body, aimed at getting the most out of your body with a minimum of effort. It sounds tempting and, alas, this is where the pitfalls are.

An effective “strategy” of bio-management can only be drawn up by an experienced specialist, while thoughtless absorption of vitamins and dietary supplements, jumping from one “balanced” diet to another and other experiments on oneself – most often only make it worse.

It’s all about the individual characteristics, which cannot be taken into account in the “general” recommendations, but can be “pumped up” with a competent approach.

What’s in

Biohacking works in several directions:

exercise stress,
control and correction of the level of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids,
control of the state of the body according to the main indicators (especially the level of hormones),
genetic mapping,
psychological practices.
In fact, this is not at all a sensational discovery and, one way or another, everyone knows about these aspects of well-being. However, not everyone, trying to “pump”, take into account their own characteristics, often just use someone’s successful experience.

Attention to yourself

Self-study is a postulate that runs through the whole philosophy of biohacking and requires understanding at least the general state of health.

For example, to switch to a high-protein diet or add dietary supplements to the diet, it would be nice to make sure that the liver and kidneys “can withstand such stress.” Before “loading” muscles in a sports club – find out “how is there” the heart and blood vessels, as well as hemoglobin and iron. Introducing vitamins – know exactly about their level. By adding “carbohydrates for energy” to the diet – assess the risk of diabetes. And “writing off” the state of health on stress or lack of sleep – make sure that the thyroid gland is in order.

I must say that the listed indicators (with the exception of vitamins and iron) form the basis of the annual health screening, recommended to absolutely everyone. And for convenience, they are combined into complexes, for example, “Level 1 (Mutovin)” for women and men.

In addition to basic screening studies, biohackers “promote” the compilation of a personal genetic map. Complete decoding of the genome (as far as modern technologies allow) allows to identify “strengths and weaknesses” of the organism, as well as to predict future diseases. And it would seem that the “thing” is really necessary, but with genetics everything is not so simple.

The fact is that there are so many genes that lead to disease in 100% of carriers. These include, for example, BRCA, which is responsible for breast cancer. The carrier of such a gene turned out to be the famous actress Angelina Jolie, who in connection with a dangerous “find” made a radical decision – not to wait for cancer, but to completely remove the mammary glands.

In most cases, certain genes or mutations in them are a risk factor, not a sentence. For their “manifestation” trigger factors are needed, and “will they make themselves felt” with 100% certainty no one can say.

Thus, the biohacking system, on the one hand, is a powerful tool for maintaining health and activity, and on the other hand, it is an area of ​​experiments, the conduct of which requires the participation of a qualified medical specialist.